Care and Maintenance

Our floors are easy to keep clean and beautiful like day one.

You just need to be aware of some small things. Learn how to take care of your hardwood floor, it will repay you for a lifetime.

Depending on how much strain your hardwood floor is placed under, it is subject to natural wear and tear. Marks of use on the surface can also occur on hardwood and high-quality surface treatments over the long term. This is why we recommend preventative measures and regular care.

Tips for a beautiful hardwood floor:

  • Stop dirt at the doorstep: use doormats and runners at the entrance as dirt and sand can act like sandpaper. We recommend removing your shoes at the entrance.
  • Avoid scratches and scrapes: felt gliders underneath table and chair legs prevent scratches. For chairs with rollers, the use of a suitable chair underlay is advisable.
  • Keep the floor clean: vacuum up dust regularly. Any moisture should be wiped up immediately to prevent it being absorbed by the wood.

For more information, keep reading our Maintenance articles, or download our "Cleaning and Maintenance" brochure.

Some good general cleaning rules

  1. Lacquered wood floors should be cleaned with synthetic cleaner (with no grease content) whereas oiled floors should be cleaned with soap (containing grease).
  2. Never pour water onto your hardwood flooring as the wood might swell and damage the floor.
  3. With regular use, a cleaning agent acts as a natural moisturizing agent and the floor surface will become more resistant to soiling and the appearance of water and tear.


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